Vehicle Diagnostics

Modern cars contain onboard computers that monitor and take care of the various systems, including the running of the engine. When these computers detect a problem, they will in most instances show a warning light on your dashboard. But not always.

Vehicle Diagnostics Fault Twickenham, Ashford Isleworth

At FCW Group in Middlesex we are able to offer a full diagnostics & coding service for the majority of vehicle manufacturers. Our staff are fully trained to deal with warning light fault diagnostics, fault correction such as airbag faults and ABS faults and much more.

Our Twickenham, Ashford and Isleworth workshops are equipped with the latest manufacturer specific diagnostic equipment and we have access to the up to date technical information direct from our approved manufacturer partners.

Whatever the fault, we can access the ECU to clear any fault codes or configure the replacement components using a diagnostic tool.

Vehicle Diagnostics Fault Twickenham, Ashford Isleworth
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